“I received my 60″ wildcat a week ago and have been shooting it ever since, bocote riser and limbs which is absolutely beautiful. The quality and craftsmanship is excellent with great attention to detail. Bow is super smooth all the way to 28 inches. Grip is very comfortable and is a blast to shoot. I could not be happier. The bow is only 43# but shoots a 600 spine axis with pretty good authority. It usually takes something really special for me to write a review so you must figure this is one hell of a bow. I can’t wait until 3D starts back up again. If you are thinking of giving one of these bows a try you will be impressed. Thanks for a job very well done guys”

Jeff Findish

“I have been shooting a Hill Country Wildcat SL that Roman built for me this spring My bow is 62″ and I have two sets of limbs one set is #45@31″ and the other is 58@31″. It is made of linen micarta and toxic green G10 The limbs are static tips. The bow draws super smooth with either set of limbs The heavy set of limbs will consistently push a 600 grain hunting arrow through the chronograph @ 218 FPS. I am shooting a 12 strand fast flight string and the bow is dead silent. This is definitely my bow of choice in the woods and on the range!”

Steve Moore

“I recently got a Hill Country longbow (Bobcat), and love it. Excellent craftsmanship, beautiful woodwork, smooth draw, fast, and super quiet. I love shooting it, and can’t wait to hunt with it. Thank you, thank you!”

Laura Naranjo

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