Greetings!!   Lots of great stuff happening here at Hill Country!  Matt won the 2017 IBO indoor worlds with the new 25″ riser competition static recurve!!  He and Heston have a very busy tournament season ahead of them this year so cross your fingers!!  We are also making some changes to the K2 riser potentially as well as the wildcat.  Thinking about slimming down the dimensions so the bow feels more like a one piece.  What are your thoughts?  Express your opinion on our facebook page!! Also considering building a very aggressively styled, very short one piece bow for tree stand and blind hunting.  What do you think???  Keep up to date on events and shoots and new bows on both our face book page as well as here on the website.  Give us a call with any questions or tuning issues and Matt always has new pictures of stock bows if you are interested in anything specific, Have a great year!!